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The innovative features of AUTOBot make it easy to monitor the condition of the vehicle
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AUTOBot - these are valuable tips and hints
AUTOBot will save you from having to remember a lot of details:
  • the time of the scheduled
  • maintenance visit to the service station
  • oil change in the engine
  • date of vehicle diagnostics
All this will help prevent serious troubles and fix problems in time.

Simply trust AUTObot to take control of your vehicle and free up time for more pleasant things to do.
Modernity in everything
Do you want your car or motorcycle to work like a Swiss watch? Clearly. Without crashes and unexpected unpleasant surprises.

Then they should be taken care of in time. Well timed service allows you to avoid problems during the operation of the vehicle and reduce maintenance costs. The sooner hidden defects are discovered, the cheaper the repair will be

Whi are you?

The main goal of AUTOBot is to save your time and take care of your car/motorcycle. Now AUTOBot will memorize for you when and what was changed in the car/motorcycle.


You will have access to the entire service history of the car/motorcycle, if the work was performed at a service station connected to the AUTOBot system.
AUTOBot stores all the recommendations issued to you on the service stations connected to our system. It will make a calculation, show and remind you when to pay attention to this recommendation.
AUTOBot stores a report of the date and mileage of the last car/motorcycle service. And creates recommendations - after how many days or after what mileage the next maintenance is needed.
AUTOBot records the amount of car/motorcycle maintenance costs. This will allow you to control your expenses.
Technical inspection
AUTOBot controls the timing of passing the state technical inspection (MOT) of your transport. The system will show the recommended date for the next maintenance.
AUTOBot will promptly remind you by e-mail or Telegram about the planned service, technical inspection or recommendation. It will also record the current mileage.
Mobile application
We have created an AUTOBot mobile application. You can view the service history of your vehicle at any time, get acquainted with the recommendations from mechanics, quickly sign up for a car service. You don't have to open the app regularly, AUTOBot will send you push notifications and recommendations, even if the app is not running.

Complete the registration process
using any of the following methods


Go to the website and complete the registration. Enter the VIN of your vehicle. After verification of the service station, it will appear in your personal account.


Install the AUTOBot app, which can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, App Gallery (Huawei) add a vehicle to your personal account and get full information about it.

Service station

Contact the service station connected to the AUTOBot system, inform the administrator by e-mail for registration. After that, you will receive your login details by e-mail.
AUTOBot software is developed on the 1C platform. It is created on the principle of "Add what you need, remove what you don't need". This software does not teach you how to work. AUTOBot software was created as an assistant in your tasks. Something that will be able to return and help keep your client!

Smart Ecosystem

AUTOBot software is part of the ecosystem. Working with the software is simplified as much as possible: you will not need to take any unnecessary actions, undergo training or read multi-page instructions. Working with AUTOBot is fully automated: the administrator enters data about the vehicle into the program that he is used to working with, and AUTOBot, receiving this data, analyzes it, compares it with the data available to him, independently selects the time when the client needs to be reminded of recommendations or the need for scheduled repairs of the vehicle, and notifies him.

Everything is automatic

You do not need to duplicate the data received from the client. The synchronization of AUTOBot with programs and Internet resources is fully automated.

Offline work

Soft AUTOBot works offline and in case of Internet disconnection, the program will continue to work, all the data will be at your fingertips.

Privacy Policy

Your customers personal data is stored only in the offline space and is not transferred to third parties.


Are you already using software written by you or a third-party developer? There is also a solution for you, use our API to refine it and become a part of the international AUTOBot project!

Why is it profitable to use AUTOBot?

Work 24/7

Technical support 24/7 without weekends and holidays


The opportunity to develop individual solutions and add-ons just for you

Offline mode

AUTOBot software works offline, its operation does not depend on the temporary disconnection of the Internet

Full automation

AUTOBot works automatically

Testing period

14 days for testing with no restrictions


No need to change your software and fill in everything again, just refine your software

Branded login page

The client's login page on the website with your logo, will help promote your brand!

Virtual Assistant

AUTOBot monitors online the condition of customers cars.. You regularly receive reports on each client about the passage of the service and technical inspection. AUTOBot tracks and stores recommendations that were given in recent visits for a specific vehicle.

To receive recommendations from AUTOBot, you do not need to download and install additional software, the notification system works through the Telegram messenger, email and online portal.

AUTOBot notifies you about the need to perform work on a specific car. It sends reminders to the owners of the vehicles with an offer to make an appointment in the service garage. You will only have to choose the time of the meeting with the client. This saves the time of the administrator job 4 times, who will now only process incoming requests.

AUTOBot stores the complete history of the client's vehicles in memory, so you can always see the list of completed and deferred work on the vehicle, recommendations. Your customer can also access the entire service history of their vehicles with AUTOBot.

AUTOBot Subscription

Choose an option that is convenient for your business

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