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A complete personal account for your client, where he can see the entire service history of his vehicle at your service station.
  • A general report on each vehicle: when the oil was changed, when it needs to be changed (the ability to track both by date and mileage).
  • All recommendations issued in your service, indicating the recommended time or mileage. It also displays information about how many days or mileage are left before the immediate replacement. In order for the calculations to be as accurate as possible, it is possible to specify the actual mileage, which will recalculate all the indicators and more accurately indicate after how many kilometers it is necessary to perform some work.
  • An opportunity for the client to make an appointment for your service, specifying only a convenient time. The system will enter the client's basic data automatically.
  • The ability for the client to independently configure the types of notifications that he would like to receive.
  • If you have a website, you can create an individual link, clicking that the client will see the logo of your service when logging in.