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AUTOBot - an ecosystem that has changed the world of vehicle services
You no longer need to remember the history of vehicle maintenance, when and what work needs to be done. The AUTOBot system will save all the information and notify both, the service station and the driver about the upcoming work on time.
AUTOBot is useful tips and hints
AUTOBot will save the service station from having to manually send notifications to customers:
  • will remind your customers to sign up for a service station in a timely manner, for example, on your recommendation
  • notify customers about the need for scheduled maintenance
  • will tell customers when to replace the engine oil or to diagnose the vehicle
All this will help to save the service station time without wasting it on routine actions, and to customers - to prevent serious troubles and fix problems with the vehicle on time.

Just entrust AUTObot with the control of your customers' vehicles and free up time for more important tasks.

AUTOBot is made for:

The main goal of AUTOBot is to save your time and take care of your car/motorcycle. Now AUTOBot will memorize for you when and what was changed in the car/motorcycle.


You will have access to the entire service history of the car/motorcycle, if the work was performed at a service station connected to the AUTOBot system.
AUTOBot records the amount of car/motorcycle maintenance costs. This will allow you to control your expenses.
AUTOBot stores all the recommendations issued to you on the service stations connected to our system. It will make a calculation, show and remind you when to pay attention to this recommendation.
Technical inspection
AUTOBot controls the timing of passing the state technical inspection (MOT) of your transport. The system will show the recommended date for the next maintenance.
AUTOBot stores a report of the date and mileage of the last car/motorcycle service. And creates recommendations - after how many days or after what mileage the next maintenance is needed.
AUTOBot will promptly remind you by e-mail or Telegram about the planned service, technical inspection or recommendation. It will also record the current mileage.
Mobile application
We have created an AUTOBot mobile application. You can view the service history of your vehicle at any time, get acquainted with the recommendations from mechanics, quickly sign up for a car service. You don't have to open the app regularly, AUTOBot will send you push notifications and recommendations, even if the app is not running.

Complete the registration process using any of the following methods


Go to the website and complete the registration. Enter the VIN of your vehicle. After verification of the service station, it will appear in your personal account.


Install the AUTOBot app, which can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, App Gallery (Huawei) add a vehicle to your personal account and get full information about it.

Service station

Contact the service station connected to the AUTOBot system, inform the administrator by e-mail for registration. After that, you will receive your login details by e-mail.

AUTOBot is an irreplaceable assistant in working with your clients.
AUTOBot does not teach you how to work, it helps you spend less time on routine work processes by doing this work for you.

What exactly will AUTOBot do:

  • communicate with your customers for you.
  • remind the client about the next service, about the upcoming repair, about the ending State Technical Inspection, and also offer to make an appointment for your service.
  • store and give your client access to the service history of his vehicle.
  • send you reports on all vehicles in your system, notifying you what work needs to be done on each of them.
There is no need to retrain to work with the system. Everything is thought out so that the system is intuitive and easy to use!

AUTOBot is an entire ecosystem. To make it comfortable for you to work with AUTOBot, we have developed:

ONLINE portal for the client

You do not need to create a personal account for your client, this account already exists. Here your client can see the entire service history of his vehicle, service data, information about all recommendations and many other useful information.

Mobile application

For the convenience of the client in obtaining all information about the vehicle, we have created a mobile application and transferred all the functionality of the online portal there, as well as added the ability to receive alerts.

Telegram Bot

For those who value their time and do not want to miss the service on their vehicle, but for some reason do not want to install the application, we have created a telegram bot that will remind you about the upcoming service or repair, as well as make an appointment for a client to your service.

Artificial intelligence

The entire ecosystem is managed by AUTOBot itself, an artificial intelligence that stores all data about the vehicle in its database. This data is processed regularly: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And makes sure that no customer of your service forgets about what work and when to do for his vehicle.


Software developed on the 1C platform. Helps to conduct all operational activities of your service. The principle that guided us in the development of this software is "remove the unnecessary, leave the important".


If you already have your own software, but you want AUTOBot to still help you daily in working with clients? We have provided this option as well. For this option, an API has been developed, using which you can refine your software and fully use our system. Our experts are ready to help you with this.

Why is it profitable to use AUTOBot?

Offline mode

If your Internet connection is not stable, do not worry - it will not affect the operation of the system in any way. Temporary interruptions to the Internet or its disconnection will not interfere with work, because you can always continue working in the offline program.

Full automation

We treasure every minute of your time, so we have developed the system in such a way that it performs tasks independently as much as possible. You will not need to duplicate customer and vehicle data into different programs, all information inside the system will be downloaded and processed automatically.

Test period

So that you can get familiar with AUTOBot, we provide a 14-day test period without any restrictions in the functionality of the system. You don't need to install any programs, just activate the test period in your PC. After activating the test period, we will provide access to the remote desktop, where the software is already pre-installed with all the necessary settings. If you enjoy working with our system, we will transfer all the data to your computer.

Your brand on the portal

We believe in every service and, of course, in your brand, so we help your development and promotion. When your client gets to the portal, he sees the logo of your service.


Your customers' personal data is stored only in the offline space and is not transferred to third parties.

24 / 7

AUTOBot does not rest, does not get sick, does not go on vacation. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you are sleeping or resting on your day off, AUTOBot continues to work, communicating with your client: answers his questions, reminds him of upcoming work on the vehicle, sends reminders and notifications.

Customized solution

We understand that there are no identical services, as well as people. Therefore, we have provided for the possibility of updating the software for the tasks of your service. Our experts will help you make the necessary changes and finalize the software specifically for your business

Fair price

Pricing depends on the number of vehicles that your service serves per month. Thus, you dont overpay for nothing more than the amount of work that is done.

AUTOBot Subscription

Choose an option that is convenient for your business
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