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The software is developed on the basis of the 1C platform, which will allow most companies to start working immediately without additional training, because the 1C interface is familiar to everyone.


The main document with which daily work is carried out. Reception and delivery of vehicles with the recording of completed works.

INVOICE allows you to write out documents to the client confirming the work performed by the service station, as well as specify the details that were installed instead of the faulty ones. By filling out this document, the history of the vehicle is updated with up-to-date information, stored in the database. The service station administrator can make recommendations on vehicle maintenance in the document. After these data are entered into the program, they are synchronized with the AUTObot server and will be available to your client on the online portal and in the mobile application.
INVOICE allows you to take into account the working hours of your mechanic, which allows the head of the service station to see and evaluate the effectiveness of the employee at the end of the month.


A standard set of functions: acceptance of goods in a warehouse, movement through stock, stock accounting. The write-off from the stock occurs automatically when you place an order under the status "Completed".


Acceptance of payment, considering the method: in cash, without cash or by card.
Transfer of funds from the cash register to the account or back.
Refund to both the supplier and the customer.


The program provides standard reports on warehouses and on the turnover of goods.
In addition to these reports, the function of generating a daily detailed report is available to you. This report will allow you to see the overall picture of the day: how much work was done for a specific order and for all orders completed during the working day, what income and expenses, how orders were paid and what is the final profit for a single order or for all orders for the period you specified. Managers will be able to send such reports to the Supervisors(chiefs) by mail daily or for selected periods of time.


Ability to create and customize document templates with your company's logo.


- The ability to register a client on the portal directly from the program, immediately linking his vehicle.
- The ability to prescribe individual settings for each vehicle: when to change the oil (after how many days or through what mileage), when to pass a state technical inspection. The system will monitor the indicators of the vehicle in order to notify in time about the need to make a service or perform another instruction.
- Setting mileage measurement settings: miles or kilometers.