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Artificial intelligence

This is the heart of AUTOBot.
On a weekly basis, it generates a report for you on all vehicles entered into the database.
As a result, you will have 3 types of weekly reports:
  • Service Report – a report that will show on which vehicle and when the service needs to be performed
  • State technical inspection report - a report that will show on which vehicle and when it is required to pass it
  • Recommendations Report - a report that will show when and at what mileage a recommendation for a particular vehicle needs to be fulfilled
Having information about the current mileage, AUTOBot tells you when and on which vehicle your client needs to perform certain works. If the client is not registered on the portal, AUTOBot will send a notification about the necessary work to you, and you can call your client and offer to contact the car service.
If the client is registered in the system, then AUTOBot will write to him and offer make an appointment to your service.