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What is AUTOBot?

I am AUTOBot, the virtual assistant for each car owner. Let me tell you a little about myself and explain how I can be useful for you.

My main goal is to save your time and take care of your car (motorcycle). Now you do not need to remember when and what you changed in your car (motorcycle), entrust it to me, because


I have all the information about the history of your car (motorcycle) service: when service was made, what problems were identified, what recommendations were made by the masters, what should you pay attention to.


I can make conclusions based on the data available in my database, and I can give you clever and timely advice on maintenance: for example, if time for an oil change in the engine came, I will definitely inform you about it

Service appointment

if the car service masters give you recommendations how to carry out a scheduled car (motorcycle) service, I will remind you about it in time, help to select a convenient time for you and book you for a service


You can view the service history, report on your car (motorcycle) and make settings of the system through website


The Telegram bot will help you at any time to receive a report on the condition of the car (motorcycle): when was the last service of the car (motorcycle), how long time until the next service is left, help to update the mileage, see recommendations for maintenance and much more

Possibility of


You can see the whole service history of your car (motorcycle), if work was made at the stations connected to the system. Information is available not only for the period of your vehicle ownership, but also for an earlier period.


You can see how much money you spent on your car (motorcycle) service. This will allow you to control your expenses more efficiently.


You can always see when and at what mileage the last service of your car (motorcycle) was carried out in the report. Also, recommendations will be available to you - in how many days or after what mileage it is time for you to do the next service.


With AUTOBot you can control the time for the state technical inspection of your car (motocycle)! You can manually enter the data about the last service, and the system will show the recommended date of the next service.


AUTOBot saves all the recommendations given to you at the workshop connected to our system. It will calculate, show and remind you when you need to pay attention to this recommendation.


AUTOBot will promptly remind you via email or Telegram about the upcoming service, technical inspection or recommendations.
Also AUTOBot will take care of accurate calculations and ask you for the current mileage.

How you can make


To do this, follow the link.
Next, you will need to enter the VIN of your vehicle, and, after checking from the service station, it will appear in your office.


Open a chat with a chat with Telegram-bot.
By clicking on the "Start" button, select "Registration" in the menu Then just answer the AUTOBot questions.

Service station

You have to contact the service station connected to our system, give your email and the administrator will register you and connect your car or motorcycle to your personal account. After that, you will receive your login details by email.

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